A breakthrough process for livestock anti-methane and animal health supplements - sealed for extended life on paddock.

Future-proofing business with VensoFlow™

Patented VensoFlow™ offers uniform, controlled drying conditions to seal volatile bio-active feed supplements for feedlot and on-field feeding systems. VensoFlow™ is the only technology that can predict and control the formulation temperature throughout our rapid, economical multi-layer pellet coating and drying process. Scalable from lab to large-scale production.

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reducing emissions

Feed coatings that unlock potential

15% of global methane emissions are from livestock. Innovative anti-methane feed supplements are volatile and can be denatured by current processes due to extended heat exposure. VensoFlow is a cost-effective sealing option and can be combined with other functional layers for a complete animal health supplement.
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Reduce emissions and increase yields

VensoFlow™ can produce functional feed supplements for livestock, layered with actives such as anti-methane mitigants and probiotics to enhance  yields. 15% of CO2 equivalent GHG emissions are from livestock enteric methane.
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Enhance quality and efficacy

Maximise quality control by layering feed coatings under uniform, controlled conditions, sequenced and dosed to suit livestock metabolism. Time-release coatings help extend the efficacy of anti-methane mitigants in the animal gut.
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Reduce wastage

Wastage of volatile and heat sensitive formulations  from overheating during normal production can be up to 100%. VensoFlow™ is ideal for heat sensitive bio-actives such as probiotics and asparagopsis. Feed pellets can be sealed in seconds to protect the active ingredients.
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Unlock new markets

Unlock innovation in your products by harnessing VensoFlow™ to cost-effectively and viably deliver any combination of livestock supplements for a complete animal health food.
the vensoflow advantage

The difference we can make

VensoFlow™ protects bio-active animal feed supplements such as probiotics and anti-methane formulations from overheating. Multi-layer feed coatings can be optimised for livestock health and extended enteric methane reduction, to help farmers and producers make the most of their resources, while supporting UN Sustainability goals.
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Why VensoFlow™ provides a better livestock feed solution
minimising methane emissions

GHG reductions

Slow release layered actives could influence methane production for up to 12 hours, beneficial for carbon neutrality, gut health and higher yields.


Animal health and the environment – 15% of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions come from live stock.
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Scalable production

VensoFlow is ideal for lab scale and commercial production, supporting both innovative R&D and economical animal feed products


Everyone! With the challenges we face today, scientists and farmers need all the help they can get!
optimising nutrition intake for livestock

Superior process control

Our uniform. controlled processing environment with gentle yet rapid drying protects animal feed bio-actives, reducing wastage and cost.


Valuable feed formulations. Improves livestock health and yields.
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Sustainable energy use

Heat transfer (drying) effectiveness of up to 90% lowers energy costs and reduces feed drying times to seconds, not minutes.


The environment by reducing emissions, and your wallet by reduced energy costs.

Supporting UN Sustainability Goals

VensoFlow™ technology can help you support five key UN sustainability goals.
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  • #2
Zero hunger
Improved livestock supplements support improved animal health, for quality food with higher yields.
  • GOAL
  • #9

Innovation and infrastructure
Our compact, resilient, energy efficient feed treatment infrastructure can benefit farmers and agricultural businesses of all sizes.
  • GOAL
  • #13
Climate action
The mitigation of agricultural methane emissions stands to cut up to 15% of global greenhouse gases.
  • GOAL
  • #15
Life on land
Supporting animal health and greenhouse gas emission reductions to improve the climate and farm productivity.

VensoFlow benefits for feed coating

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Gentle and high quality
Other technologies produce wastage from hotspots and prolonged heat exposure. VensoFlow™ optimal pellet separation, precise temperature and flow control maximise quality and bio-active survival.
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Faster and more flexible
Compact, efficient, multi-stage design that adapts to your needs, from lab-scale to full commercial. Can process multiple layer feed supplements in seconds onto standard feed pellets.
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Greater efficiency
Up to 90% heat transfer effectiveness with minimal pressure drop. Unlike fluidised beds and rotary drums which are currently used to dry feed pellets and consume energy lifting particles, VensoFlow™ is gravity fed and 100x more even.
The VensoFlow™ process for feed

Gentle, controlled and uniform processing conditions support multi-layer livestock health formulations and protect volatile and heat sensitive bio-actives. Every pellet is coated and dried in seconds. Very small R&D runs are economical, with scalability to very high commercial production flows.

VensoFlow™ advantages for animal feed

  • All-in-one multi-layer coating & drying of feed pellets
  • Preserves heat sensitive bio-actives
  • Gentle, rapid processing
  • Sealant coatings extend shelf life of volatile bio-actives
  • Modular and scalable designs from lab to commercial
  • Contactless drying cuts wastage from clustered pellets
  • Discrete layering supports functional feed sequencing
  • Energy efficient by harnessing gravity
  • Compact, CAPEX & OPEX efficient
VensoFlow process
for chemical companies

Do you sell innovative animal feed formulations?

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We are building our ABM catalogue, where chemical companies can upload liquid animal beneficial materials for feed coating companies to run on machines powered by VensoFlow™. If you offer approved animal feed coatings get in touch.

for manufacturers

Do you design and sell innovative seed coating machines?

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We partner with leading seed coating manufacturers to license our technology and provide blueprints for your market segments. The same machines can also be used for producing innovative animal feed supplements by coating standard feed pellets. If you are interested in expanding to new markets, get in touch.

“There has never been a more important time to find solutions to the climate issues we face. Like most Aussies I love my beef , lamb and dairy - but I also want to buy food that is grown and processed responsibly. Innovative feed supplements can substantially cut methane emissions and improve animal health and yields. Let's support real food, grown by real farmers, with a better environmental footprint.”
Caecilia Potter, CEO Venso Labs