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Introducing our advanced seed applied technology, BreezeCoat™ by VensoGrow. Making the impossible, possible.

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The problems VensoGrow can solve for seed businesses

Seed coatings are essential for high crop yields under stress conditions. Until now no single technology could effectively deliver all the critical coatings together. This means multiple costly processes are required or sub-optimised seeds are the result.  
Large scale, high-maintenance, multiple machines
A complete seed coating includes pesticides and fungicides, bio-stimulants and nutritional supplements. Film coat dosage limits the options, resulting in the need for powder binders and separate drying machines. Low maintenance BreezeCoat™, with few moving parts, can apply any dosage, replacing multiple machines.
Toxic dust with excessive wastage
Powder binders cause clustering and clumping wastage, and require high energy inputs for drying. Energy efficient BreezeCoat™  does not require powders and can rapidly apply anti-dust sealants to protect the environment.
Heat damage reduces germination
Seeds and heat sensitive coatings are damaged by both bruising and uneven heat exposure during conventional processing, reducing germination. BreezeCoat™ offers ultra-gentle, ultra-rapid coating to maximise germination potential.

Solving agricultural problems like drought stress

High cost, Multiple machines needed for a complete solution.
Take drought as an example. Hydrogels can improve crop yields by up to 15% in drought conditions. They are incompatible with water-based slurries in conventional pan coating, so a separate machine and process is required - adding time and cost.
Only BreezeCoat™ by VensoGrow offers an all in one process.
Adding additional layers like Lactobacillus and hydrogel treatments with pesticides and fungicides provides a synergistic drought resilient treatment to maximise yields under drought stress. Effectively apply all these treatments in one with BreezeCoat™.

6 of 7 inoculated seed batches found insufficient to fix nitrogen

microbial research paper, 2012
Conventional machines damage microbials and cut farm yields. 6 of 7 batches of inoculated legumes sold in Australia were found to have insufficient microbes. Only one batch had more than 1000 CFUs per seed required to fix nitrogen.  
Gentle BreezeCoat™ ensures  maximum microbial survival
Gentle BreezeCoat™ maximises microbial efficacy. Proven to deliver live onto the seed, the maximum theoretical dose of rhizobia live onto lucerne, with seeds emerging at 28°C in less than 3 seconds. Further trials establishing extended shelf life due to low bruising and negligible heat damage are on-going.

Complete seed coatings as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Pesticides & fungicides

Products designed to protect crops from pests and diseases. Includes synthetic chemicals and bio-fungicides/bio-pesticides.

2. Bio-stimulants

Earth-friendly products that stimulate natural processes in plants to improve nutrient use efficiency, stress tolerance, and crop quality. Includes fungi, microbials, aqua-gels.

3. Nutritional supplements

Products that deliver essential nutrients to plants in a more efficient manner. Includes fertilisers and trace elements.

Coating hard-to-coat seeds

With BreezeCoat™ by VensoGrow, a complete coating is easily achievable  on challenging seeds such as corn.
Conventional corn
Patchy coating
BreezeCoat™ Corn
Complete, Dust free coating

Segregated layers on wheat offer BreezeCoat™ protection and growth enhancement options.

Protecting our pollinators for the future.

Pollinators are critical for food security in the 21st century. BreezeCoat™ by VensoGrow offers an easy top-coat to stop toxic airborne particulates that can be released by sowing encrusted and pelleted seeds. Completed in seconds, this top-coat can include other beneficial seed treatments.
Sealing toxic treated seeds in seconds.
Conventional encrusted seeds with toxic dust-off on the left compared with the same seeds sealed and recoloured with BreezeCoat™ on the right.

Register interest for the launch of the first BreezeCoat™ machines in 2025/2026.

BreezeCoat™ machines feature all-in-one multi-layer coating and drying technology, replacing multiple machines needed to deliver a complete, dust-free seed coating. They promise optimal seed and microbial preservation, enhanced shelf life and increased germination rates.

BreezeCoat™ ensures on-brand colour accuracy with segregated layers. Energy efficient by harnessing gravity. Compact, scalable and modular, designed to be capital and operationally efficient.